Cilla’s Amazing Smoothie Detox

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Evelina S
Stor skillnad på maghälsan!

Jag har gått från svullen, ont i magen och problem som ibs. Till att vara mycket bättre i min mage, mindre svullen och energi min kropp överlag mår så mycket bättre. Jag har gjort detox i 14 dagar och det har varit goda smoothies och har inte känt sug eller något annat jag har mått riktigt bra. Kommer definitivt göra om detta för min mages skull och kan varmt rekommendera denna detox där man får en massa information och massa med tips🙏🏻😍

Delal Ozcelik

I did the 1 week detox and to begin with it was obviously difficult but just push through and remember why you are doing it! I took some before pictures and when I looked back and my before and after pics, I lost so much weight! Don’t know the exact scale numbers as I didn’t note them down but based on my pictures I see such a big difference for only 7 days! I’m actually doing another 7 days! Definitely recommend and just push through, the results are so rewarding. Thankyou!!

Anam Shaukat

So I was skeptical about it at first. But wow I didn’t complete the 7 days when I first tried it I only did it for 4 days and lost 2.5kg but this time round when I did it the full 7 days I lost 6. Something kg it’s helped my skin it’s helped me feel so much for confident I will definitely be incorporating this into my life monthly.

Verified Purchase - Frankie Johns
Very good. It works

Totally works and I'd been having trouble losing the 5-7 kilos that were hanging around since passing 50. It actually got me feeling so healthy and well, I've since become a health food junkie. Gone are white bread and pasta. I only snack on cashews and almonds. And I've kept all the weight off! Highly recommended! I look and feel GREAT!

Megan Cowley
Megan Cowley

Really impressed with the plan, it helped me to lose 16 lbs before my holiday, but don’t expect it to be magic, you have to use the plan as a gateway into healthy eating for the results to stay. The smoothies taste really good and I have continued to make the smoothies for breakfast each morning.

Hi there! My name is Cilla and I am a nutritionist & certified weight loss expert.

After years of struggling with my weight, I lost 18 lbs (9kg) in just 2 weeks by replacing my regular meals with delicious homemade detox smoothies! My stomach was flat, my skin glowing & I had never felt better!

After being asked by SO many people how I did it, I created a simple to follow detox plan which I named.... Cilla’s Amazing Smoothie Detox.

In my detox plan I share with you EXACTLY which recipes I used to achieve these weight loss results & walk you through it Step-by-Step.

🏆#1 most popular detox plan on Instagram and TikTok with over 630,000 followers worldwide!

Cilla's Amazing Smoothie Detox reviews

My detox plan will help you to;

 Lose up to 10lbs/5kg per week without any workouts!

✔ Cleanse your body of months (or even years) worth of harmful toxins

✔ Melt away stubborn fat in the stomach, thigh, back and arm area

✔ Naturally increase energy levels and clear your skin

✔ Improve digestion and reduce bloating

✔ Reprogram your taste buds to crave whole healthy foods instead of junk food

✔ Experience a new feeling of health and well-being that you never knew was possible

How it works:

STEP 1: Download my detox plan. This contains all of the detox smoothie recipes, my easy to follow detox guide & your daily schedule!

detox grocery list

STEP 2: Buy the ingredients listed in my budget friendly detox shopping list!  

smoothie detox plan

STEP 3: Each morning blend your detox smoothie and divide this into 3 bottles to drink for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a different recipe each day, so you will never get bored!

detox snack ideas

STEP 4: Enjoy two healthy snacks per day from my list of approved detox snacks.

detox meal

STEP 5: On the modified version of my plan, you can enjoy a healthy meal daily too! Choose from my list of approved detox meal ingredients.

smoothie detox guide

STEP 6: If you have any questions during your detox, I am here to help with 24/7 support!

smoothie detox before and after

 STEP 7: Repeat for 7 or 14 days to see AMAZING weight loss and health results!

It is possible to lose up to 10lbs (5kg) PER WEEK on the detox.

*NEW* 3 Day Mini Detox is now available, lose up to 5lbs (2kg) in 3 days.

Cilla's Amazing Smoothie Detox is a complete plan offering you EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully detox your body and lose weight fast!


An easy to follow Step-by-Step plan

✔ A detailed daily schedule

✔ A different delicious detox smoothie recipe for each day (vegan friendly)

✔ Beginner friendly recipes, I will teach you exactly how to make your detox smoothies correctly

✔ Detox snack options (vegetarian & vegan options included)

✔ A modified version of the plan, where you can eat more food but still lose weight

A budget friendly shopping list, so you know what to buy

How to come off the detox without  gaining weight afterwards

Many more weight loss and detox secrets, hints and tips

24-hour support, chat with me personally!