Cilla's Amazing Soup Detox

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Great stuff !

I was feeling abit down recently after putting on weight during lockdown, and have tried different diets in the past, but this soup detox has completely changed the way I view food and transformed my eating habits. Not only have I lost weight, I feel I have a lot my energy! Thanks.

Enjoying so far

Needed customer service and very helpful, quick response. haven’t finished my detox but so far so good. Soups taste amazing

Ashley M

Not easy cos i love chocolate lmfao but it works, lost a lot of weight over 13lbs now my mom is starting it next week.

Loved it

Dropped a dress size, loved the soups, I was impressed I could make them as I am usually bad at cooking. Recipes were easy to follow.

Wife & I loved it

Followed the detox for 14 days with the wife to get rid of our covid weight gain. Worked wonders! We lost 25pounds in total. Thanks 👍🏻

Hi there, my name is Cilla and I am a nutritionist & certified weight loss expert. 

After gaining some Corona lockdown weight last year (let's face it, who didn't?!) I decided I was in need of a detox to get back in shape. As the weather was getting colder, I set about recreating my best selling smoothie detox plan, but with delicious warm soups instead...
....And it was a great success - I lost 18lbs (9kg) in just 2 weeks by consuming homemade detox soups in place of my regular meals.....and the best part was, I was never hungry during the detox, as the soups are so filling!
In my plan Cilla's Amazing Soup Detox I share with you EXACTLY what I did to achieve these results and share my detox soup recipes.
My detox plan will help you to;

Lose up to 10lbs/5kg per week without any workouts!

✔ Cleanse your body of months (or even years) worth of harmful toxins

✔ Melt away stubborn fat in the stomach, thigh, back and arm area

✔ Naturally increase energy levels and clear your skin

✔ Improve digestion and reduce bloating

✔ Reprogram your taste buds to crave whole healthy foods instead of junk food

✔ Experience a new feeling of health and well-being that you never knew was possible

How it works:

soup detox download
STEP 1: Download my detox plan. This contains all of the detox soup recipes, my easy to follow detox guide & your daily schedule!
soup detox grocery list

STEP 2: Buy the ingredients listed in my budget friendly detox shopping list!



detox breakfast

STEP 3: Nobody really wants soup for breakfast, so you get to choose something from my list of approved detox breakfasts.



detox soup recipe

STEP 4: Each day prepare a batch of my detox soup. Divide this into two containers to eat for lunch & dinner. There is a different soup recipe each day, so you will never get bored!



detox snacks

STEP 5: Enjoy healthy snacks from my list of approved detox snacks.


soup detox guide

STEP 6: If you have any questions during your detox, I am here to help with 24/7 support!


soup detox before and after

STEP 7: Repeat for 7 or 14 days to see AMAZING weight loss and health results!

It is possible to lose up to 10lbs (5kg) PER WEEK on the detox

Cilla's Amazing Soup Detox is a complete plan offering you EVERYTHING you need to know to successfully detox your body and lose weight fast!


✔ An easy to follow Step-by-Step plan

✔ A detailed daily schedule

✔ A different delicious detox soup recipe for each day (vegetarian & vegan options included)

Beginner friendly recipes, I will teach you exactly how to make your detox soups

✔ Detox snack options (vegetarian & vegan options included)

✔ A modified version of the plan, where you can eat more food but still lose weight

✔ A budget friendly shopping list, so you know what to buy

✔ How to come off the detox without  gaining weight afterwards

Many more weight loss and detox secrets, hints and tips

✔ 24-hour support, chat with me personally!